Step 5. Lender send disclosers through their portal including LE

Loan Estimate by email. Create login and password to setup an account on lender portal /website. Make sure you review all disclosers and acknowledge them. There is no document you have to print or wet sign. After reviewing document on the portal, make sure to press “FINISH”. Please contact loan processor if you need help. All disclosers including LE MUST acknowledged in 3 days from date of loan application. If you fail to acknowledge the lender disclosers, the loan submission must start again. It is critical that loan disclosers are acknowledge within 3 days. Loan appraisal can only be ordered once LE and disclosers are acknowledged. Underwriter will not review the loan application if lender disclosers are not acknowledged (reviewed) by you.

Loan Estimate (LE)is a document which itemized the closing cost, interest rate, loan amount, cash to close, lender credit. Keep in mind this is an “estimate” and not a final document. Cash to close and rate may change depends on loan approval and appraisal value.