About Us

We're powering the future of home financing

We believe that home financing should be simple and accessible — and we’ve built a platform that empowers people to do just that. Zero Closing Loan was founded in 2000 by homebuyers who were shocked by the complexity of the mortgage process for borrowers. Somehow, in the mix of paperwork, fees, points and process, the humanity and emotion of the largest financing decision of a person’s life had been lost.

Thousands of families trust Zero Closing Loan because we provide them loan options, rates, closing cost with a transparent process. We are a company doing honest work that really matters in the real world — one loan, one borrower, one homeowner at a time. And it’s working.

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  • Our Value

    Our values guide the decisions we make and how we treat each other and our clients. At Zero Closing Loan, our values represent what we stand for and continuously influence our culture & our work ethic. They are a part of who we are and will always be the fabric of our being.

  • Our Process

    Today, our platform empowers hundreds of new home buyer and current homeowners. Using Zero Closing Loan, clients close their loans over 45% faster than other banks & lenders. Most of the loan are funded in less than 21 days. We do provide 2 extension at No cost to borrowers.

  • Mortgage Analysis

    You have option to compare different loan programs or rates with graphs, interest paid over the term, principal paid over 72 months so you can decide the best options.

  • Savings

    At Zero Closing Loan we don't recommend buying points or add closing cost to your loan amount. Our goal is to save you money and find the best loan option to pay your mortgage efficiently. For home buyers, we pay all their closing cost of about $5,000 when they work with company in-house professional realtors.

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